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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Broad beans imbibing on wet kitchen towel - I've found that this is the most reliable method for priming the seeds for germination. They germinate within a couple of days and can then be sown.

Camellia flower

The first male flower on the squirting cucumber plant Ecballium elaterum. They produce an excess of male flowers.

The ferocious spines long the edge of the leaf of hedgehog holly Ilex aquifolium 'ferox'

Frog in the pond, decorated with duckweed. I've fixed the hole in the pond liner made by a heron last year, so soon the frogs will have more water to swim in.

Kowicham polyanthus - beautifully velvet blooms with only a small central 'eye'

Plum blossom

 Bloodroot flowers
The feathery leaf of Spignel Meum athamanticum - an uncommon native umbellifer

Spring snowflake

The woolly leaves of mullein.

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