This blog, mostly photographs with little text, is a record of another year in the life of our garden. For the derivation of the title 'Insnared with Flowers' (original spelling) click here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Courgette seedlings. It will be a month before all risk of frost is has passed and it's safe to plant them out in the garden..
Meadow saxifrage Saxifraga granulosa, a declining native grassland wild flower that thrives in short grass and flowers in April.

Marks on the algal-encrusted greenhouse glass left by the tongue (radula) of the grazing snail.

A white-flowered sweet violet Viola odorata. No blue pigment and no scent either.

Willow catkins starting to flower over the pond.

Germinating seeds of hankerchief tree aka ghost tree aka dove tree Davidia involucrata.   I sowed these two years ago. Ten more years and they may flower...

New leaves on the irises

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