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Monday, April 25, 2011

Horsetails, Ferns and Cannas

I suppose ought to destroy this field horsetail that's producing spores but I know it would be futile - it's impossible to eradicate this weed. Fossils of horsetails that lived 300 million years ago look almost identical to today's living descendants, except that those of the past were far larger, reaching tree proportions. This is one of evolution's great survivors.

An unfurling fern frond that, to me, looks like a dragon at rest, with a column of neck vertebrae and a crest of golden scales.

Unfurling Canna leaf


  1. Great photos! Dragon for sure!!

  2. There's definitely something reptilian about ferns, isn't there Alan?

  3. I don't have any of those plants in my little patch.

  4. You're lucky if you don't have field horsetail, Toffeeapple - it has creeping underground stems that are almost impossible to eradicate - it's sometimes known as devil's guts...


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