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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Conservatory Plants

It's prime-time for cactus flowers at the moment - this is Parodia erubescens (more about this species here)
This is the first time I've ever grown Asarina scandens, from seed sown last year, and it's turned out to be a charming plant. It's a slender climber, small enough to train up canes on the windowledge. The leaf shape is attractive and those lavender-coloured flowers are delightful.
This Echinopsis is a family heirloom, at least 35 years old and still producing these wonderful blooms every May. It always seems a shame that that trumpet-shaped flower doesn't blast out a fanfare to announce its arrival. It opened last night and will have wilted by tomorrow morning.

It's a delight to wake up in the morning and find one of these that's opened while you've been sleeping.

... and finally, the spaghetti gourd flowers are out. This is a male. They too only last for one day but each is about five inches in diameter. Worth growing for its ornamental value, even if the vegetable turns out to be nothing to write home about. Hairy petals, which is quite unusual.


  1. Gorgeous blooms, I've not been keen on Cactus but I think I might change my mind now I've seen yours. That's an amazing age to keep one plant!

  2. They don't last long and for most of the year can be a bit dull but Perodia erubescens is a reliable bloomer that starts to perform when it's are only three years old.

  3. I can recommend Parodia erubescens - it flowers in its third year from sowing if you grow it from seed, then reliably every year.


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