This blog, mostly photographs with little text, is a record of another year in the life of our garden. For the derivation of the title 'Insnared with Flowers' (original spelling) click here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scarlet Women

'Painted Lady' runner bean

Geum 'Mrs.Bradshaw'


  1. Wow! The Runner Bean is amazing, two tone eh? Mrs Bradshaw was a resident of my garden at some point but then she got fed up with me and disappeared. Yours is gorgeous.

  2. I never really appreciate the beauty of runner bean blooms until now!

  3. I'm hoping the runner bean crop will be as good as the flowers toffeeapple - they're just beginning to set but the drought isn't helping....

  4. Hi Cathy and Steve, Last year I grew runner beans and white sweet peas side by side - this year, both combined in a single flower!


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