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Thursday, April 14, 2011


 This bumblebee is just about to ensure that that blackcurrant flower will become a blackcurrant
 Cowslips and polyanthus plants have been exchanging genes in this garden for twenty years, then self-seeding - so every year subtle new shades appear. These orange cowslip flowers are particularly attractive.
 Dicentra spectabilis is just coming into flower.....
Narcissus poeticus
Solanum lacinatum, from Australia, flowering the the conservatory. Later in the year it produces vivid orange, egg-shaped fruits.


  1. More stunning pictures! The colour of the Cowslip is gorgeous. The fruit from the Solanum don't look very appetizing.
    I discovered this week that I have Tawny Mining Bees living in holes in my lawn, I am ridiculously thrilled.

  2. Hi Toffeeapple, I've looked for tawny mining bee nests in my garden but can't find any - but someone close by must have some because they're visiting my goosseberry flowers. At work they've laid paving blocks in a herringbone pattern on a bed of sand and the mining bees have taken to burrowing down between the blocks and nesting underneath. Look out for bee-flies, that parasitise mining bee nests....

  3. I did spot a Bee Fly the other day but wasn't aware that they are a threat to Mining Bees.

  4. Hi Toffeeapple, I managed to photograph a bee-fly today...


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