This blog, mostly photographs with little text, is a record of another year in the life of our garden. For the derivation of the title 'Insnared with Flowers' (original spelling) click here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spiny Symmetry

 The beautiful spiny symmetry of Notocactus
 A forest of golden barrel cactus spines. I grew this plant from seed that I bought at the National Garden Festival at Gateshead 21 years ago.
 Hosta buds - before the inevitable onslaught from slugs and snails
 A Nepenthes pitcher almost ready to open - and become a death trap for flies
Forget-me-nots. The flowers open pink but turn blue, while the centre fades from yellow to white as they age.


  1. Goodness me, I obviously wasn't paying attention - I've only just found this section of your pages. I must say that I have enjoyed reading it very much and your photographs are superb, as ever. And as for Andrew Marvell - what can one say?

  2. Thanks Toffeeapple, I've got into the habit of taking photos in the garden so thought I'd keep posting them.

  3. Lovely and spectacular photographs...some seem like stars. I love the stems bursting from the earth...very nice. And welcome to Blotanical!

  4. Thanks for visiting and for the kind comments Sage Butterly

  5. You have a lovely blog. Wonderful photos. Aren't those hosta buds just a welcome sight!

    Happy Gardening.


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