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Monday, May 2, 2011

Buds and Seeds

The buds of this blue Colorado spruce Picea pungens f. glauca are just about the last to burst this year, easing off their bud scales as they expanded at the weekend. We bought this as a Christmas tree, that's now too big to keep in a pot so we've planted it in the garden. Those hard tipped needles are very sharp and can draw blood if you're not careful.
There's a gentle rain of dandelion seeds parachuting into the garden at the moment. Some reach the soil, others get caught in spiders' webs or (like this one) stuck on the hairs of plants


  1. We've had lots of dandelions here this spring, I do like to see them.

  2. All the road verges around here have hosted a ribbon of golden dandelions, Toffeeapple - and now the slipstream from traffic is sending up clouds of seeds


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