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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This Camassia is almost the colour of faded denim.

Bugle Ajuga reptans - popular with bumblebees. It spreads via surface stolons, filling in the spaces between other plants.

Bluebells - perfect for sun-dappled shade in a woodland garden


  1. I love your photographs. I own an Olympus E620, could I take photos like this with my type of camera? I just got it a few months ago and have not taken many pictures with it. Basically, I haven't moved past the point and shoot capabilities. I do paint flowers and I would love to get these close up shots (macros?) and then paint them in watercolour or oils. Thanks for your time, keep up the good work. Janna Kumi

  2. I've not heard of Camassia before, what a beautiful plant. I do know Bugle!

  3. Hi Janna, Thanks for your kind words.You certainly could. If you use the lens set at its longest focal length and use a high shutter speed and a wide aperture it will give you a shallow plane of focus that will isolate the subject from its background. I use a 180mm. Tamron macro len for a lot of my photos which has a very shallow plane of focus so does this to rather extreme effect - there are a lot of plants crowded together in my garden but the lens helps to separate them from the background 'clutter' - but it is quite awkward to use, until you get used to it.Good luck! Best wishes, Phil

  4. I think Camassias look rather good if they are planted in grass that's allowed to grow long, Toffeeapple. They are quite tall flower spikes - about 2 feet tall.


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