This blog, mostly photographs with little text, is a record of another year in the life of our garden. For the derivation of the title 'Insnared with Flowers' (original spelling) click here.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Clematis 'Nellie Moser'.
Meadow rue Thalictrum flavum smells like the talcum powder we used on our kids when they were babies. Strange how memories of some scents stay with you for life...


  1. Isn't Nellie pretty? As is the Meadow Rue, I've not seen that one but we are not too wet here so that might be a factor. I hope that I do come across it though, the perfume sounds lovely.

  2. I think Nellie has been around for quite a while - I can remember her in our garden when I was a kid..


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