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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Clematis montana, doing what it was planted to do - brightening up a dull fence
Finally the peas are climbing, lassooing the pea sticks with prehensile tendrils. Eating peas from the pod, fresh picked from the garden, is a pleasure to look forward to...


  1. Our peas have just peaked out from the soil... and our clematis? It's just beginning to leaf. Happy day!

  2. Montana is an exuberant Clematis isn't it? Very cheerful. I've been eating pea shoots this week, I doubt I'll get any pea-pods.

  3. Sounds like your garden is a week or two behind ours, Carolyn. Great time of the year isn't it - with so much growing so fast?

  4. There's a C. montana that I pass on my way home from work that's covered about 15 metres of fence in a solid mass of flowers - that's the effect I'm after, toffeeapple!


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