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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The First Rose

This yellow rose (which I think is Rosa xanthina 'Canary Bird') is always the first to flower in my garden and this year began to bloom in late April - amazingly early.
A few years ago I grew one plant of greater celandine from seed - and let it go to seed. Now it appears all over the garden. The common name is misleading - it's not related to the lesser celandine (which is in the buttercup family) - it's a member of the poppy family.
Like opium poppy it exudes latex when the stem is cut, but in the case of greater celandine the latex is bright orange.


  1. That's two more things I have just learned then. Greater Celandine being related to Poppies and having bright orange latex.

    That's a very pretty rose, has it a perfume?

  2. No scent I'm afraid.........


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